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New York City Housing Development Corporation

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Keeping an annual report fresh is a challenge in itself; delivering award-winning work while doing it is inspired.

For 10 years, NYCHDC has trusted us with their most important messaging; through that decade, we’ve reimagined their annual report in ways that always feel new, and newly engaging. From bringing the document online—transforming it into a fully interactive experience—to reinventing its look, feel, layout and functionality to best embody each year’s theme, we’ve made NYCHDC’s mission continuously shine.

Especially so with their 2014 annual, for which the design earned a Gold ARC Award in its category—the highest award honored from what is essentially the Academy Awards of annual reports.

  • Laptop Mockup


    Our fresh, accessible take on the report put us at the top of the ARC Awards for online, non-profit annuals.



    Within the interactive platform, we’ve found new ways year after year to make it feel original and engaging.

  • Landing Page


    Introducing the theme within a personal message and putting a human face to it made the site as inviting as it was intuitive.