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Lindgren School and Camp

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The best schools capture the mind and imagination. Not just of the students, but of their parents. Lindgren did both, brilliantly, but wasn’t telling that story to the world. Exceptional word-of-mouth wasn’t enough, and the website didn’t begin to capture its dynamic philosophy and feel.

Convincing families to “come out to play.”

At Lindgren, learning is about discovering the world through free play. So we used bright, irresistibly happy visuals of children playing, exploring, bonding—in an environment designed for it. To parents, we spoke personally about how the philosophy nurtures children’s sense of self, inspires a love of learning, and fast-tracks their growth. In all, putting the delight back in learning.

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    A childlike scrawl and the voice of imagination are the first things to greet visitors to the site.

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    Vivid colors, lively photography and the irresistible smiles of children infuse every part of the site with the spirit of play…

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    While copy mingles the poetic and the practical to assure parents of the seriousness of the education to be had.

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