We spin your challenges into gold. We’re not saying we’re magicians. But we do make things appear: Impact. Awareness. Brand loyalty. Longevity. And awesome ROI.

Key Art

With key art, first impressions are everything.

It’s a 3-second rule. (I.e. if you drop something amazing, viewers will pick it up.) You have three seconds to capture the audience’s attention—to convey action so compelling that it gets a reaction: it gets them to watch. Whether new programming, or a long-running favorite, the same spark has to be there; ratings depend on it.

With that much at stake, we don’t leave anything to chance: we take care of every stage of key art development: concepting, photoshoots, retouching, color correction, final design and orchestration. And all the bits in between. You might say the details are key.

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  • Orphan Black




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